Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Stop An Emotional Affair

Here's how to stop an emotional affair:

1. Talk to your spouse.

You need to figure out how to address the problem with your spouse. It may be enough to just say, "Honey, there's something we need to talk about," and you explain your concerns to him. But if he refuses, you've got to be prepared.

Sometimes confrontation may be necessary to stop the affair. You can say things like, "I've noticed you seem emotionally distant from me lately," or, "I feel like we're not spending as much time together as we used to."

If your spouse draws further away, it's probably a sign that he/she is involved in an affair.

2. Seek help online.

There are numerous methods available for addressing an affair online. You can try a help or support group such as eNotalone for suggestions. Many people there have dealt with breakups and marriage struggles, and it helps to have others who know what you're going through.

You can also talk to a close friend or family member to get emotional support. This can often be enough to give you the courage to actually sit down and talk with your spouse about the problem.

3. Make note of his habits.

When you suspect him of an affair and you decide to confront him, you need to actually have proof of your suspicious. If you've caught him spending a lot of time online talking to someone else, you have a right to know what's going on.

Don't be afraid to question him about his online activities, or who he's spending time with. Marriages must be founded on mutual trust and honesty; if he's not being totally honest with you, it's possible he's having an affair.

The bottom line is: you must talk to your husband and find out what's going on when you want to know how to stop an emotional affair. If you don't actually speak to him, you'll be going down the same road he is, of being sneaky and dishonest.

So confront him and use each of these points as the basis for your decision.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Flirt With Women - Powerful Attraction Techniques to Keep Her Hooked

33 Rules for Mastering Success With Women

How to Save My Relationship With My Girlfriend - When She Decides It's Over

It really sucks to be told by your girlfriend that the relationship is over.

There are few things more devastating to a guy's sense of control, to his ego, and to his entire well-being.

You are probably feeling:

-Like curling up and hiding
-Like playing video games in your room and never coming back out

You might want to:

-Call in sick to work
-Avoid all your friends
-Hide from the world

Do not despair! All of these feelings are perfectly natural responses to a breakup. Unfortunately, none of them will actually help you get her back, though.

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Here's a quick breakdown on why she left:

1. She didn't feel excited by you anymore.
2. She had too much power in the relationship; the balance was off.
3. You didn't know how to appeal to her emotions - which is what makes women tick.

If you tried to reason with her after the breakup, saying things like, "here's all the reasons we should stay together" or you tried to LOGICALLY appeal to her...

You made a mistake. Because women don't respond to logic. They respond to emotion.

If she told you things like "it's just not working out" or "it's not you, it's me," that's Woman Code for "You're boring the hell out of me - I'm gonna go find a more exciting guy."

I know it's kind of harsh, but it's the reality. The guys who typically succeed with women are the "jerks" who yank them around and don't seem to give a flip about them.
(It's their carefree attitude that makes them so appealing.)

So how can you save your relationship with your girlfriend? Here's a step by step plan:

1. Set a time period of No Contact with her. (30 days)
2. During this time, reassess your life goals and your health.
3. Adopt an exercise plan, start eating healthy, and hang out with your friends.
4. If you can, try going out on a few dates with other women to boost your self esteem. (Doesn't have to be anything serious.)
5. After 30 days have passed, send her a note and say: "I'm really doing okay with the breakup. Things are going great for me right now. Hope they are for you, too." Something to that effect, in your own words.

The key of what you need to communicate in this "re-establishing of contact letter" is that you're stable, happy, and independent. No longer is your happiness dependent on your girlfriend; now, you're free and strong in yourself.

She'll find that very attractive - and be 10 times more likely to respond to you.

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